Islam is the correct way to live, and we chose to try to live that way

Aims and Objectives

  • Establishment of health care facilities, Academic institutions, and boarding under the guidance and leadership of the management.
  • Impart modern education to needful.
  • Provide health care to all
  • Distribution of text books
  • Financial assistance to orphans and destitute women
  • To give educational assistance to the deserving students
  • Provide humanitarian aid to the victim of natural calamities and riots
  • To support social projects such as Medical Clinics, Medical Lab, Set win Center, Centers for Stitching and Mehendi Designing, Maternity Hospital Driving center etc.
  • To run and maintain a boarding house or hostel for the students of school
  • To assist professors, teachers and instructors to impart education to the students in all subjects.
  • To accept grants, donations, presentations, gifts and offering /zakat contributions for the benefit of students and the legitimate use of the Trust
  • To invest, dispose of, transfer and otherwise deal with the properties and the assets of the trust in such manner as the trustees deem fit for the attainment of object of the Trust.
  • To pay stipends and scholarship to the deserving students on such terms as the trustees deem fit.

About Us

Al-Noor Trust ® is a registered organization which is fully committed and dedicated to provide health care activities along with various social work helping the needful.

Open Hours

Mon - Fri 9 AM - 6 PMSaturday 9 AM - 6 PMSunday Closed


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