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As Salaamu Alaykum,

Dear Brothers and Sisters before We begin to update you about the activities, plans and accomplishments of Al-Noor Trust, We would like to Thank Almighty Allah for enabling us to do the best of planning and carrying-out the social responsibility towards the society.

Now, let me walk you through with the Accomplishments or Achievements that we’ve had over a period of time with your generous contributions and continuous prayers.

• To put an end to the wrong practices being followed by some Medical Practitioners wanted to set up our own Health Care Facility so that women are not made the fools of falling under the trap of some Birth Control Practices.

• We’ve set up Driving Schools, Vocational Training Centres, Tailoring Centres and other facilities solely for the benefit of our society and community. This will help us remove the unemployment among our youth and helps them become self-sufficient.

• We have continuously conducted Health Camps for Orthopedic, Diabetic absolutely for free and this is a recurring activity of Al-Noor Trust.

As it is said in one of the hadith, that as long as an individual thinks of helping his fellow beings, Allah continuously helps him.

Ever since the establishment of Al-Noor Trust, the management has done its best to come up with more and more creative ideas of helping the community. We have succeeded in its formation of Maternity and General Hospital, Diagnostic Centre, Vocational Training Centre, Motor Driving School are some of its completed and ongoing projects which are super successful.

The feedback we received from the local people is amazing and is a testimony to our sincere effort.

To continue helping people in diverse areas of education & employment and transforming lives, we would need your continuous support for the current and future projects. Please take a look at the requirement below for which we need your financial support. On behalf of the Founder, Entire Management and Members, I would like to once again thank the Committee, Staff, Administration, Doctors, Teachers and the Donors for the contributions and make a humble request to continue the same in future.

I hope and pray to Allah (SWT) that he enables us to complete the ongoing projects without a problem and with the support of all you great people.

To know how to make the contribution towards our activities, please feel free to contact us at the Address below:

CURRENT ACCOUNT NO: 0687002100312189

Masjid-E-Noor, Erragadda, Hyderabad- 500 018 A.P. INDIA
Phone: 91-40- 23818786, 91-40-23817786 Mobile: 91-9246539681



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