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Feed The Hungry


Thousands of people have been left hungry during the pandemic – men, women, and children of all ages. People are starving on the streets, in hospital waiting rooms, in railway stations and bus stops across the country. They eat only once a day, and sometimes, don’t eat at all. They face so much uncertainty and so many hurdles every single day.

Al-Noor Trust’s Feed The Hungry program aims to help those who are struggling to get by right now.

Al-Noor Trust Has Been Helping People For Over 20 Years Now

Started in 1999, Al-Noor Trust is an NGO committed to providing health care facilities, education and other social welfare programs to help the needy. They have opened health care facilities, educational institutions, driving schools, tailoring centres, among others which can be accessed at affordable prices by the poor. They also help people get employment. Their efforts have been relentless and they have been continuing to help people ever since the beginning of the pandemic.

They’re Fighting Against Hunger During The Pandemic

During the second wave, Al-Noor Trust is helping daily wagers survive this crisis by giving them free meals. Currently, they are giving free meals to over 1000 people outside three hospitals and those in need in Hyderabad every day. These daily wagers belong to the areas in and around Erragadda, Sanath Nagar, Balanagar, Jeedimetla and other industrial areas which have a large number of labourers who have lost their jobs and have no income to buy food or take care of their families.

Through their Feed The Hungry program that launched in March this year, Al-Noor Trust is determined to eradicate hunger regardless of caste or creed.

However, They Need Your Help

Despite their best efforts, Al-Noor Trust is struggling to help more people. However, with your support, they will be able to continue their selfless service throughout the pandemic.


Al-Noor Trust needs your help to get groceries so that they can cook healthy meals for thousands of people who are struggling in Hyderabad. Your support will help them stay healthy, and ensure they survive this deadly crisis.

Let’s come together and make sure no one goes hungry during the second wave!

About the NGO:

Al-Noor Trust was founded in 1999 and is a registered organization which is fully committed and dedicated to provide health care facilities along with various other social work to help those in need. Their Feed The Hungry program during the pandemic is helping thousands of people get healthy meals every day in Hyderabad. They’re distributing free lunches which include veg biryani, bagara rice, dalcha khichdi and other health dishes. Their mission is to eradicate hunger regardless of caste or creed.

Note: All the donations  towards this campaign is eligible for Indian Tax Exemption.

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Al-Noor Trust Is Giving 1000+ Helpless People Free Meals Every Day, Support Them And Make A Difference (

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Al-Noor Trust ® is a registered organization which is fully committed and dedicated to provide health care activities along with various social work helping the needful.

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