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Al Noor tailoring centre is a voluntary centre where many girls and women comes and learn tailoring, mehendi designing, embroidery, karchup designing, beautician, fabric painting and last but not least flower painting. These courses are of great demand in the market and are costly which a poor people can’t afford.

In Al Noor tailoring centre we take no fees it’s free of cost, at least 5000 students have finished this courses and successfully passed it. We provide certificate to the students after completing the course. Many poor women come here to the Al Noor tailoring centre both Muslims and Hindus to learn the courses and after completing the courses to start earning some money to live happily.

There are two batches:
1) Morning 11 am to 1pm
2) Afternoon 1pm to 3pm.

This is all benefits for house wife and for students also. The Al Noor tailoring centre has excellent staff they are like friends to the students who take care of the students in each and everything and guide them well. Well Qualified & Experienced Staff.


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